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Jonathan - Prof engels - Leiden
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Become fluent and confident in English — flexible, relaxed and effective conversation lessons. TEFL-certified Canadian teacher, 6 years of experience

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Jonathan is een van onze beste leraren Engels. Een goed profiel, een indrukwekkend diploma en uitstekende beoordelingen.

Over Jonathan

Here’s a little about me!

I’m Canadian, born in Ottawa. Right now, I’m based in the Netherlands, doing my PhD in Archeology.

I travel frequently, both for my studies and for fun. I have visited over 20 countries and lived in 4. Throughout my travels, I learned intermediate Mandarin Chinese, beginner Arabic, and beginner Russian. So if you struggle with learning languages — I know how you feel!

I have a range of common and unusual hobbies:

♚ I have practiced many martial arts: Kung Fu, Taichi, Brazilian Jiujitsu, and Boxing.

♚ I love reading, especially about history. All the staff at my local library recognize me as soon as I walk in. I read around 6 books per month.

♚ I am a huge coin collector: I have over 5000 coins!

♚ I run several times per week, and I do virtual Conqueror challenges. Currently, I’m working on running the Berlin wall.

Want to get to know me more? Send me a message to set up our first free lesson!

♙ Honors BA in History and Greek and Roman Studies - Carleton University (Canada)
♙ MA in Archaeology of the Arab and Islamic World - University College London (completed from Qatar)
♙ PhD in Archaeology - University of Leiden (in progress)

♙ 100-hour TEFL certification by EF
♙ Cambridge Young Learners certification (for teaching children)
♙ Teacher Knowledge exam levels 1, 2 and 3
♙ Professional training through an academy in China
♙ 6+ years and 6000+ hours of experience

♙ Specialized in teaching children, with a Cambridge Young Learners certificate. Professional training in a language academy in China. 6 years and over 3000 hours of experience. Teaching ages 3 and up.
♙ Expert knowledge of academic English (through a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate degree, and teaching assistant job)
♙ Highly skilled in presentation skills. During my studies I have presented my research at a number of conferences all over the world, including Canada, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, Qatar, Hungary, and Italy.

♙ 6+ years of experience giving private and group lessons, in person and online
♙ 6000+ hours of experience teaching English
♙ Teaching students of age 3 and up.
♙ Teaching all levels, from total beginner to advanced speakers who want to maintain their English
♙ Finding personalized resources (worksheets, articles, topics, etc.).

Let's talk! Send me a message to set up our first free lesson.

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*Please note, I provide 100% English immersion to offer you the best quality and progress. I don't speak Dutch.*

Hi, I'm Jonathan! You can read more about me in the section below. But first, here's some information about my lessons.


You’re looking for an English teacher because you have a particular goal in mind.

I want to get to know exactly what that is, and help you reach it.

No two lessons are alike, because I provide a 100% personalized approach to each one of my students. However, these principles are the foundation of all my lessons:

We will break down your goal into manageable steps and make steady progress in every lesson.

I use a couple of easy-to-use tools to take advantage of the online medium. This helps make the lessons effective without making them too complicated.
-A digital whiteboard to help explain any questions.
-A chat room where I share corrections directly with you, so you don’t have to take time out of our lesson to write them down.

My students often tell me they feel very comfortable in our lessons because I’m very approachable. It’s difficult to learn from a teacher who you feel too formal with, so I create a relaxed atmosphere and I encourage all students to talk to me openly.

We will start our collaboration with an in-depth conversation about your goals. You’ll explain to me your vision of what you want to achieve, and together we will find the right path for you. Throughout our lessons, I also regularly ask for your input and feedback. I want to make sure that you are happy with the lessons and that we are making the best progress in the right direction.

I don’t insist on using the same textbook for every student just to save time. In fact, I don’t like using textbooks at all. They have a cookie-cutter approach and are usually completely off track of your goals. I use materials from a wide range of sources, adapted specifically to your goals. Have anything in particular you’d like to do? Just let me know, I’m open to everything!

I believe you benefit most when you put a part of yourself into the lesson too. So I encourage students to bring some of their own material to lessons too — articles we can talk about, topics we can discuss, or presentations we can practice. This creates a true collaborative atmosphere where you have decision-making power in how you would like your lessons to be.

7 ♟️ GUIDANCE ♟️
I provide homework to help you review things after the lesson. But also, I can give you guidance with anything else you need regarding the English language or cultural differences between languages and countries. As you can read in my biography section below, I have lots of experience I can offer and share!

You’ve probably learned some things in school that you never used again. My lessons are not like that. I want to make sure that everything you learn with me is useful to you and your goals. I have an extremely wide range of experience through visiting over 25 countries and working in jobs from restaurants to archeology sites and universities. So I can understand a very wide range of perspectives and put myself in your shoes to find the right activities for our lessons.

You’re looking for English lessons to learn English — not speak about English in your own language! To help you make the most progress possible, my lessons have 100% linguistic immersion. We will make sure to go at a comfortable pace for you. This way you can:
-Practice listening to a native North American accent
-Gain fluency with maximum progress
-Take full advantage of having 1-on-1 lessons

I personally love languages and I want to share that love with you. (Nothing can be learned through anxiety and stress!) That’s why I work hard to create a positive atmosphere in my lessons. I provide realistic encouragement to keep you motivated, but also give you a realistic idea of your strengths and areas to improve.


I offer a very wide range of lesson types. Often, they are personalized to one specific student. So if you have a particular request, please reach out and ask!

These are my most common lesson types:

✓ I start the lessons with a bit of conversation, to help your child get into the right mood for learning English.
Each lesson is focused on one thing. This helps the child learn it with a deep understanding. (In lessons with too many concepts, kids are overwhelmed and don’t learn anything properly).
✓ The focus could be a topic, a short story, an aspect of grammar, or much more. This is chosen based on your child’s interests, learning style, current knowledge, and strengths/weaknesses. I always adapt based on what your child needs.
✓ I use lots of engaging material such as picture books, fun worksheets, or videos.

✓ The beginning is always tough — these lessons are adapted to your pace and learning style so you can learn English with ease. We will find a method that helps you make good progress and stay motivated.
✓ We always include a bit of improvised conversation. After all, your goal is to be able to speak outside the classroom! At the same time, we keep moving towards your personal vision with bite-sized, manageable steps.
✓ The lesson content depends highly on each student. Please reach out to me, and I’d be happy to talk about your needs!

✓ Is your main goal to become very fluent and confident? These lessons are perfect for you. We focus 100% on conversation, focused on topics relevant to your needs and interests.
✓ I love to talk and listen, so these lessons will never feel boring! I will help you get talking and make sure you get the most possible out of the lesson.
✓ I write corrections down for you so you can access them later in the chat box. However, I encourage students to take notes as well to be fully engaged in the learning.

✓ Need the IELTS exam for work, school, or travel? I can help you prepare so you can get the score you need. We can practice any or all four parts of the exam, based on your needs.

✓ Preparing for an upcoming trip, or moving abroad? We will go over any phrases and terms you might need to use. You can start your journey feeling much more confident in being able to communicate.

✓ Grammar is one of the most difficult parts of English. This is because of two things: many explanations are overcomplicated, and every student understands grammar in a slightly different way. My grammar lessons take both these principles fully into account.
✓ I can break it down for you in a way that’s easy to understand. I will show you how to understand and use grammar on your own, so you can use it correctly even without my help.
✓ I don’t follow textbooks as they are too rigid (we would be wasting time reviewing things you already know or using a method that’s not suitable for you). The grammar we study is based entirely on your current knowledge, weaknesses, and learning style. I use various sources such as worksheets, websites, and online exercises that are adapted to what you need.

✓ Reading is one of the biggest reasons why I love languages! It brings so much joy and knowledge. For reading skills lessons, we will use material relevant to you: whether it’s academic papers or fiction books. We will work through the text together and break it down, explaining vocabulary and understanding how it should be used.
✓ For reading lessons, I ask students to bring your own material, to put a part of yourself in the lesson. My students tell me this helps them stay motivated and engaged, and it keeps the lessons 100% focused on their goals.

✓ As a PhD student and university teaching assistant, I have given and seen many (many!) presentations. Over the years, I have learned what makes a presentation powerful and compelling — and what makes it terrible. Of course, you want to be in the first category. I can help you get there!
✓ For the lesson, you will need to prepare a presentation that you want to do in a conference or class. We will practice giving it, focusing on proper English but also the features of good communication for presentations.

✓ Do you need to use English in your job? These lessons will help you communicate with more fluency and confidence.
✓ Business English can be very different across different fields, so there is no “one size fits all” formula for Business English lessons. We will practice using English in the context of your role. This includes conversations related to your work topics, using pictures and news articles as extra tools.

✓ Do you need English for studying or teaching? Whether you’re a professor or applying to university, I can help you gain a deep understanding of English in an academic context.
✓ We will work through any work you need to do, and use materials from your field to practice reading and comprehension.

I can only offer lessons ONLINE.
My work hours are every day 8:00 - 22:00 CET / CEST.

Please contact me to ask about specific availability.

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