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Italian multi-award winning jazz musician gives Clarinet lessons in Rotterdam! All levels are welcome!


I can teach in English, Italian, Spanish and basic Dutch.
I love to have a 1-1 lesson, to address the goals according to the student.

Whether you like Jazz, Blues, Pop, Classical, Ska, I can teach you the basic elements of each genre, and from there we can develop a more personal sound together!
Starting from a basic technique, we will then dig into your preferences and make your schedule as personal as possible!


I am an Italian saxophonist, clarinetist, arranger and composer, winner of 8 International prices.

I graduated in Classical and Jazz Saxophone with 2 Master Degree, and I currently live in Rotterdam.
I recorded 3 CDs as a soloist and performed my music in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, England, Poland, Romania, Taiwan and, of course, the Netherlands.

I gave workshops in several contexts and countries, and I hope to be the guy who will help you out with this beautiful instrument!


Tarief voor lessen via de webcam : 40€/u
Tarief voor 5 lesuren : 200€
Tarief voor 10 lesuren : 400€
Lessen aangeboden door Claudio
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Claudio's achtergrond

Full bio on (Opgeslagen informatie)

Saxophonist, bass clarinetist, arranger and composer Claudio Jr De Rosa (1992) is a rising musician in the European Jazz Scene. He is the winner of the “2016 1st Asian Saxophone Congress, Taiwan”, Premio Nazionale “Chicco Bettinardi 2016”, “Louis van Dijck Jazz Award 2016”, “Barga Jazz Contest 2015”, “Best New Talent” at the “European Award Tuscia In Jazz 2015”, the “Leiden ‘Boonekamp’ Jazz Award” (2015), the Premio “Terme Preistoriche” (2014) and the Premio “Via Vittoria” (2013), as well as being in the Top 10 list of “Italian Emerging Artists” of 2017.

Graduated cum Laude with a Master Degree in Classical and Contemporary Saxophone at the Salerno and Rome Conservatories at age 21 (discussing a thesis regarding the Neurological implications During Improvisation), he eventually completed the Master in Jazz Saxophone at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag. Since 2007, he performed in many important international venues in Italy, France, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Spain, and Poland.

As an arranger, He wrote music for the NJSO, the New Talents Jazz Orchestra, the KonCon Big Band, the CvA Big Band, Call It Sextet, the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, CJDR Jazz Ensemble. In December 2015 the Dutch Ministry of Finance commissioned him “The Business Suite” for small Big Band. In March 2016 he won the prestigious “Louis van Dijck Jazz Award 2016” for arrangers.

In November 2015 he recorded his first album with Zadeno Trio, “Holes in the Ground” with “Emme Record Label, released in February 2016. In summer 2016 he toured in Europe with Zadeno Trio and in Taiwan with pianist Vivienne ChuLiao. In May 2017 his CD “Groovin’ Up!” is released and distributed by the Italian label Incipit and Egea Music. In November 2017 he was among the winners of the AIR project, which will lead him to have an Artistic Residence in Toronto, Canada, during October and November 2018. Finally, in January 2018, his name is included in the list of the top 10 “Italian Emerging Artists”, a survey of experts run by Musica Jazz (the oldest Italian jazz magazine).

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